Paradise Found!

You know, I know it, we all know that the Earth is a Paradise. The problem is humanity does truly value it as a Paradise like they would Eden. I argue that John Milton was wrong with his famous book. Our Paradise was not lost. We can find it to be the entire Earth if we simply change our perspective(s). I'm am writing what is sure to be both an influential and controversial book on this very topic. Click below to listen to the latest podcast episode which follows the topics in each chapter of my book. If you want in on the fun enter your email below and receive occasional draft updates on each chapter as I write it out for you. Cannot express how much your input will help me create a great book. Thank You! - Bill

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“Paradise Found” by William H. Smallman is planned to be released on Earth Day 2023, and here you can see the text, along with a link to a video, of my book proposal.