March Week 3 – Righteous Leadership

Paradise Found
Paradise Found
March Week 3 - Righteous Leadership

In this episode I discuss why we must have leaders who are righteous in order to find a common ground in order to protect and preserve the paradise of Earth.  I show how to determine if a leader is righteous or not, by examining their speeches.  Specifically, I take a look at John F. Kennedy’s 1961  and Joe Biden’s 2021 inaugural speeches.  I claim that JFK was righteous, and Biden is not.  I then go into some detail that the Democratic Party was taken over by the Deep State after Kennedy’s assassination.  That is the topic for the next episode.  I explain the only path forward is to demolish the Deep State, elect America First Candidates in 2022, and Trump in 2024.  We then need to rebuild the Democratic Party in the spirit of JFK.

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